Mulch. Why Mulch?

Why Mulch? Mulch retains moisture, provides nutrients, insulates the soil while protecting plants and controls erosion.

Mixed Hardwood

100% hardwoods bark blend from a variety of trees such as ash, oak, cherry and maple – no fillers or additives. All-purpose mulch aged to maturity and double-ground to a uniform consistency. This product is suitable for any environment.

Color Enhanced

A blend of ground wood fiber colored with a safe, high quality, long lasting colorants. Will not harm pets or flowers and excellent for general decorative ground covering. Available in red, brown, and black.


100% Hemlock bark, no fillers or additives - the premium mulch product offering an unequaled natural appearance and aroma. This product has the highest acidity level and is good for shrubs like Rhododendron's and Azalea’s. Aged to maturity and double-ground to a uniform consistency, the finished product will unify any landscape and complement any setting.

• Prepping plant beds is not included in the installation price of mulch. Prepping cost is based on a hourly maintenance rate.

• Landscaping fabric is not included, but if want it installed please inquire about pricing.

• Mulch can also be delivered to your home or business, when you order 3 yards or more.

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